A TreeHouse is a peaceful place, a place which houses imagination and possibilities. A retreat from normality that we can keep secret or share with our best friends. Resting in a canopy, overlooking the landscape, from all angles: the sense of freedom is undeniably exciting! People have built tree houses in all environments, all over the world and for many different reasons – climbing towards the sky with a number of theories.

TreeHouse Theory is just that, a theory. So we’re not forcing you to subscribe to any particular idea or mantra. Maybe, inviting you to climb the ladder and take in the view with us. Before we move on, lemme explain. There is a TreeHouse, it is built online in the canopy of the internet. The idea: well sometimes you need a place to sit and think; talk with friends; have a tea (or stronger); consider what’s going on in the world, before you decide what to say on an issue. You can do that in the TreeHouse.

It’s not about being the biggest or best house. It’s about being a house and exploiting the cliches which come with those roots: Branching out; Putting down roots.

TreeHouses exist all over the world, for everyone. From the treetops in the Amazon to urban sprawl of Brooklyn, we build around the branches on the landscape.

Theorist D


Theorist L

My tree house is simple to me, but only because I’m imagining it. It is a lovely place to think about. The view, above a forest canopy, contrasted by horizonal glints of blue and white on a flawless skyline. The movement of my city is on the left, it has a calming hum which doesn’t drown out the birdsong and echoes of my main view.