Theorist L: [laying out drawing paper on the coffee table in front of them].

Theorist D: So, the idea behind this is very simple. We love jerseys. There is a lot of love about them, a huge significance to them, in the game: both on and off the field. We wear a whole lot of jerseys and see a lot of people in shirts as they go to the games or even just around town. So, the natural step for me was to pick up a pen and design my own. [sifts through converging pages and loose paper, covered in shirt outlines and flashes of colour].

I think that there’s quite a lot in that. This huge pile of paper on the table probably showed how and where we started out with this. It’s an idea, and the idea behind the idea was to explore what made football shirts so significant or if they even were significant. The further that we get through the process of designing and making the shirts, the more we hope to learn and share.

Usually, these projects are quite complex, but it might just be as simple as: we want to design a football shirt and do a good job of it. This is like the research phase of the project, but then it’s all research: because we are discovering a lot about the process as it unfolds.

The idea behind putting it on here is that we share the ideas and experiences, in one place. If it goes right, then this could and should lead us to collaborate with more people and share the project with more people.