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Thank you. My friends in Qns need help. Could u get ur Mayor 2 4get marathon and get sum common sense? Pls people are hurting and hungry. Get the power back up and they can help themselves and others if u dont know how mayor bloombust.

Casey’s Follow-up: Staten Island Hurricane Destruction

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37% Of Top 100 Soccer Blogs Recommended by The Guardian In 2011 Are Now Defunct

It’s a long but striking article title from The Gaffer at EPL Talk. A website which itself is celebrating a 7th birthday.

He is a fixture of the football blogging world. If anyone knows blogging then it’s Chris. Then there are a few sides to this article

 “…there are several on the list that are near death, not having posted any articles since August, 2012. By the end of this year, the 37 percent may increase to almost 50 percent.”

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EPLTalk is 7 Years Old!

Big Sean is Imagining

Big Sean. We’ve always had an incredible respect for Sean because of his belief and tenacity. Two aspects of his rap-character which seem to come through every time you hear him speak. Champagne rap as we know it right now is a big mixture of aspiration for the ridiculous and stunt’n to show others what you’re imagination can aspire to.

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German premium beer brand Warsteiner joint forces with french artist Yué Wu and german DJ/producer Rafik to create a new animation clip. The clip features graphics and visuals by Wu showing versatile moments from music festivals over skateboarding to football. DJ Rafik has been asked to create a remix of the original Warsteiner theme song “Zarathustra” by german composer Richard Strauss.

Take a look: WARSTEINER – Taste of Life feat. DJ Rafik and Yué Wu

You might think of it as a normal beer ad, in many ways it is: simple visuals of the beer; sounds to make you thirsty; action for power. It’s the small touches which make this a modern hip add. Not least the beautiful concerto at the end, a European influence.


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