I write this as a beginner… But an enthusiastic beginner. Cycling has never been a huge part of my life. My Uncle used to race mountain bikes when I was a kid, we would go and watch him disappear into a forest, and then sometime later he would emerge covered in mud and blood. However what I remember most is driving home with him, listening to Oasis on cassette tape. As I grew, i listened to Oasis, but didn’t start cycling, now I don’t listen to Oasis, so i really took nothing from this experience, and that’s about it, me & cycling in a nutshell. Recently in my quest to understand more sport, cycling has caught my eye, finally.

TreeHouse is a Sport blog, sure! But it is so much more than that. We love creativity up here! If we can find it being utilised in sport then we get excited! When researching possible posts for THT I found myself pages and pages deep within cycling blogs and articles. As an outsider looking into the the sport, it’s extremely beautiful, aesthetically. On a very basic level, cycling is a ribbon of colour flowing through picture perfect scenery, and that makes me want to be a part of it!

Step one of my journey to understand cycling has started with a few blogs and publications:


In The Saddle

Cycling News

And here are a couple of news stories that have caught my eye:


Here is Pinocchio, the 2013 Cycling World Championship mascot. Now, as a beginner I may falling for a joke here, as we’re all aware Lance Armstrong has recently been disowned by the cycling clique for taking drugs and then lying about it… but as far as I can tell, this is legitimate! The World Championship is being staged in Tuscany, hence the Italian influence here. And in Italy, Pinocchio is a figure of hope!

Tour de France 2013

Next year the Tour de France will celebrate it’s 100th edition! And as a gift, it is adding Corsica to the route for the first time ever! I found the route, and a heap of other statistics that I’m yet to comprehend fully at INRNG:

The Route + More!

This year, the Tour was won by Bradley Wiggins; olympic gold medalist who has been extremely successful in his career, not just winning things, but raising the profile of Pro Cycling in Great Britain! Here’s what he thinks to next years route:

Tour de France Homepage

More to come from THT and Cycling, learn with me!

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