Every day is a good day. Friday, is always a good day, even the 13th. So when Jay-Z stepped out in Brooklyn last night the expectations were going to be sky high! For so many reasons. We were checking out some of the articles below for closer coverage:

 NY Times Coverage

“That was the unexpected charm of this show, which was but one in a long line of self-coronations for Jay-Z. His biggest accomplishment was making something momentous feel utterly normal.” – NY Times

HypeBeast Cover

Cast in a clean black color with a simple font logo across the chest and herringbone tape across the sides, the herringbone pay homage to the same design on the court of the Barclays Center. – HypeBeast

NBA Store for the Jersey

“San Antonio Nets” – Comment

Sure, some people hating in the comment section: or maybe just frustrated. It’s important to acknowledge that. It’s a basketball jersey, something we all dream of designing for our own team. Hell, I’ve drawn my own designs plenty of times, in the same way I’m sure you have. I always find it hard when new jerseys are launched, not because I don’t like them or because I don’t have an opinion on them.

I feel conflicted by some designs. I know a designer has put time and thought into this for the person they are designing for. The person they are designing for has put time, effort and money into doing the same. Sometimes they miss their mark, sometimes they hit it. You can see from the comments that some people are upset or expected different/better. That might show how the designers aren’t fulfilling what is expected of them, or it show show highly one person holds you up: how much is expected of you. If people expected a super jersey from the Nets and Jay-Z then their expectations might have been misplaced or misadvised. Look at it for long enough, with some success on the court you’ll love it.

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